Game Freak confirms Pokémon Let’s Go series could continue with sequel set in the Johto region

The folks at Eurogamer recently had an opportunity to chat with Game Freak director Junichi Masuda about Pokémon Let’s Go and the possibility of a sequel set in the Johto region:

Eurogamer: I also wanted to quickly ask about the Pokémon that are available in the game – like those which are related to Kanto but not in the original 151. Pokémon like Igglybuff, or Magmortar, that tie into first-generation Pokémon. What was the reasoning behind leaving those out?

Junichi Masuda: So, kind of at the basis of it you know is that in the first generation there aren’t any Pokémon Eggs, so you know, when we thought about how would these Pokémon be hatched in the first place, it kind of didn’t make any sense. But also you know we wanted to spend more time and put more effort into making the Kanto Pokémon, the original 151, as well made as possible, and expressing them as well as we could.

Eurogamer: Sure – and does it suggest you have one eye on another Let’s Go style game set in Johto?

Junichi Masuda: So you know maybe – if everyone enjoys playing these games [laughs] – but you know more than that, I know that a lot of people and fans have spent a lot of time hatching eggs, they’ve hatched… a lot of eggs, but we want them to kind of discover new ways to enjoy Pokémon games, you know I’d be really sad to think that for them, Pokémon is hatching eggs, so with this one we’re trying to show them a different side of the game.



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