Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features an overwhelming amount of content

During Nintendo’s latest Financial Results Briefing, company executive Shuntaro Furukawa shared the following in regard to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, amiibo support and the upcoming hardware bundle:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released in December. This title will be the largest-ever game in the Smash Bros. series in every aspect, with an overwhelming amount of content, bringing together famous franchises’ characters in what will be the gaming industry’s one of the greatest collaboration titles. What sets the Smash Bros. series apart is that the basic rules and operations of the game are very simple, yet for those who want to pursue the game it offers a real depth of gameplay. The games are welcoming, since people who seldom play have a good chance of witnessing the appearance of certain elements they recognize, so we are working to spark the interest of a wide range of consumers, and not just fans of the Smash Bros. series. The Smash Bros. series titles are special to our company because it is the place where the characters of Nintendo’s main titles come together. Many consumers discover Nintendo games they never knew about through the Smash Bros. series, so if Smash Bros. is spread wide across our consumer base, it will, by extension, also enhance the appeal of our overall IP.

amiibo represented the first example of our use of our own IP, and amiibo figure total sell-through has reached approximately 50 million units. All characters that appeared in the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Smash Bros. have been released as amiibo figures. On the same day that the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is released, we will also begin to sell three new amiibo of characters who are appearing in the game as fighters for the first time. In addition, we will sell accessories including a specially designed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to coincide with the release.

In November, ahead of the December release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we will offer a package bundle of a specially designed Nintendo Switch system together with the download code for the software, ready for play from the day of the software’s release.

Source: Six Months Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2019


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