Pokémon GO accumulates $73 million in revenue during October 2018, up 67% from last year

Pokémon GO has managed to accumulate a whopping $73 million in worldwide revenue via in-app purchases across iOS and Android devices. Niantic’s immensely-popular mobile game reached this massive figure during October 2018, which was up 67 percent over last year. Read on below for a thorough breakdown from the folks at Sensor Tower:

As San Francisco-based Niantic re-introduces the world to its first game, Ingress, with a revamped version out this week, the game that (literally) put it on the map is continuing to ride a surge of renewed player interest–and, most importantly, spending. October was another massive month for Pokémon GO according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, with the game pulling in in an estimated $73 million in gross revenue worldwide across the App Store and Google Play.

This was approximately 67 percent more than was spent in the game during October 2017, when the title grossed and estimated $43.6 million globally. It was also enough to place Pokémon GO at No. 8 for revenue among all apps on both stores worldwide, and No. 7 among mobile games. This ranked it one spot ahead of Fortnite from Epic Games.

Japan barely edged out the United States in terms of its share of spending in Pokémon GO last month, accounting for 33.2 percent of the total, compared to the 32.9 percent contributed by Niantic’s home territory. Fifty-four percent of overall spending came from Google Play users.

With winter fast approaching in Pokémon GO’s two largest territories, we’ll have to see if Niantic can be more successful at encouraging players to keep heading outdoors than it was this time last year. The game saw a significant drop-off in spending during the period of November 2017 through January 2018, according to our data.

Source: SensorTower.com

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