Pokémon GO Adventure Sync rewards for walking 5 km, 25 km and 50 km

Niantic has launched a brand-new feature called Adventure Sync for Pokémon GO. With this new feature, players can hatch Eggs and collect Candy, even when Pokémon GO is idle. Adventure Sync can record your walking distances even when Pokémon GO isn’t launched, working in the background to tally your distance, earn Candy and hatch Eggs. Adventure Sync also delivers a weekly summary, where you can see your Incubator and Candy progress as well as important activity statistics. Check in via your Trainer Profile to see the number of kilometers recorded for the week. Earn rewards each week for each milestone you cross, and receive push notifications when your Buddy Pokémon has found a Candy or when an Egg is about to hatch.

You can opt into Adventure Sync at any time, and the feature can connect to both Apple Health on Apple devices and Google Fit on Android devices. Adventure Sync is now available to all level 40 Trainers. Niantic will continue to gradually roll out this feature to more Trainers, so stay tuned for any updates. Adventure Sync is now available to all Trainers level 5 and above. To use this feature, you’ll have to always enable location permissions and connect to either Apple Health or Google Fit.

How to activate and properly use Adventure Sync in Pokémon GO

Source: The Silph Road @TheSilphRoad


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