Mimikyu, #778 – Disguise Pokémon

Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock. A lonely Pokémon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokémon.

Type: Ghost/Fairy

Category: Disguise

Ability: Disguise, where once per battle, the shroud that covers the Pokémon can protect it from an attack.

Hidden Ability: None

Weaknesses: Steel and Ghost


ImmunityNormal, Dragon and Fighting

Evolutions: Mimikyu does not evolve into or from any other Pokémon, but it changes appearance into its Busted Form when hit by an attack.

Height: 0′ 08″ Weight: 1.5 lbs


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