Jangmo-o, #782 – Scaly Pokémon

It expresses its feelings by smacking its scales. Metallic sounds echo through the tall mountains where Jangmo-o lives. They live in mountains where no trace of humans can be detected. Jangmo-o grow little by little as they battle one another.

Type: Dragon

Category: Scaly

Ability: Soundproof, which gives full immunity to all sound-based moves. Or Bulletproof, which protects the Pokémon from some ball and bomb moves.

Hidden Ability: Overcoat, which protects the Pokémon from things like sand, hail, and powder.

Weaknesses: Ice, Fairy and Dragon

Resistances: Fire, Water, Grass and Electric

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Jangmo-o evolves into Hakamo-o starting at level 35, which evolves into Kommo-o starting at level 45.

Height: 2′ 00″ Weight: 65.5 lbs


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