Niantic teases exciting, top-secret improvements and new features for Pokémon GO in 2019

If you’re a social media user, you may have been seeing a lot more of Pokémon GO pop up in your feed. That’s because Niantic is now paying to sponsor its immensely-popular mobile game across social media platforms, particularly Twitter. The developer is heavily promoting Pokémon GO with a series of tweets that include promoted posts and sponsored content. It is also teasing the future of Pokémon GO by looking back at all the main Pokémon GO announcements, trailers, events and accomplishments since 2016. According to Niantic, Pokémon GO players caught 4.4 billion Pokémon while walking over 500 million kilometers during this year’s Community Day events.

The developer wants Professor Willow to be in all Pokémon GO loading screens. Pokémon GO trainers were recently asked to share their best photos using the augmented reality mode, which was enhanced in October. Niantic is also reminding fans that Pokémon GO introduced Sinnoh Pokémon, trading, Gifts, Bidoof Day, Deoxys EX Raids and Meltan in 2018. Nevertheless, the developer says future adventures await for all types of Pokémon GO players. In the meantime, Niantic is reflecting on all the improvements and some of the issues that players encountered throughout the year:

Source: Niantic Support @NianticHelp

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