Pokémon: Battle Frontier—The Complete Collection launches January 8 on DVD

Revisit the Battle Frontier on DVD. Ash and Pikachu’s adventures continue as season 9 of Pokémon the Series arrives in a DVD collection.

Ash and Pikachu, along with their friends Brock, May, and Max, return to the Kanto region in the ninth season of Pokémon the Series. Fans can now relive their exciting adventures at any time with the DVD release of Pokémon: Battle Frontier—The Complete Collection.

Although they may be returning to a familiar area, our heroes will face quite a few surprises. They meet a Pokémon Ranger who’s investigating two rare Pokémon, and May is back on the Pokémon Contest path as she blazes a trail to the Kanto Grand Festival. Meanwhile, Ash seeks out the hidden facilities of the Battle Frontier, but while doing so, he must battle the Frontier Brains, who pose a challenge far greater than any Gym Leader he’s ever faced. Of course, during their adventures, our heroes will discover plenty of new Pokémon, and you can bet Team Rocket will continue hatching their villainous schemes.

This Complete Collection includes 47 classic episodes on 6 DVD discs. Look for it in stores on January 8, 2019.

Source: Pokemon.com and @Pokemon


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