Major spoilers: The third DLC fighter has been revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (after Piranha Plant and Joker)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to receive five brand-new downloadable fighters through the paid Season Pass known as the Fighters Pass. The first of these fighters (Joker from Persona 5) was formally revealed last month, but the other four fighters have not been officially announced. However, recent datamining has given us the identity of one of the four unannounced fighters. Keep in mind that although Piranha Plant is a DLC fighter, it isn’t included as part of the Fighters Pass.

According to a dataminer who goes by the handle jam1garner, three codenames for upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters have been discovered within the game’s data:

The three code-names are:

  • “Packun”: refers to Piranha Plant, whose Japanese name is “Packun Flower”.
  • “Jack”; likely refers to Joker.
  • “Brave”; definitely refers to a currently unannounced fighter.

While nothing is officially confirmed, it is currently speculated that the code-name “Brave” refers to a Dragon Quest hero, likely Erdrick (the hero of Dragon Quest III). The “Hero” class in Dragon Quest is referred to as 勇者 (Yusha) in Japan, which directly translates to “Brave” (credits to Ryce for this info).

To summarize corresponding thread:

  • Joker is a fairly light character (with the same weight as Peach and Daisy); “Brave” is around as heavy as Cloud.
  • Joker’s run-speed is fairly fast (between Mewtwo, Charizard and Ridley); “Brave” is around as fast as Young Link.
  • Joker can Wall-Jump and has a rapid jab; “Brave” has neither of these two abilities.

It has also been confirmed that the data for “Brave” was added in the Day One patch (1.1.0) while Piranha Plant and Joker were always present in the base game. This may imply that “Brave” is earlier in development than the other two DLC characters.


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