Video: Crack up with Misty’s Togepi on Pokémon TV

If you’re a fan of Togepi, you might want to start using Pokémon TV more often. A number of adventures featuring the iconic Spike Ball Pokémon are now playing on Pokémon TV, so be sure to tune in! To showcase Misty’s Togepi as part of Pokémon the Series, The Pokémon Company has shared a special clip:

Crack Up with Togepi!

It’s said that a Togepi’s shell is filled with joy—and we think Misty and her friends would agree! Check out Pokémon TV for more adventures featuring Misty’s Togepi:

Fai il pieno di risate con Togepi!

Si dice che il guscio di Togepi sia ricolmo di felicità allo stato puro; molto probabilmente Misty e i suoi amici sarebbero d’accordo! Dai un’occhiata a TV Pokémon e riscopri tutte le avventure con protagonista Togepi di Misty:

Source: @Pokemon


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