Niantic announces Sport in Life initiative for Pokémon GO

Niantic has announced a Sport in Life initiative for Pokémon GO to encourage regular exercising and a healthy lifestyle in Japan. Read on below for a translated version of Niantic’s announcement regarding this:

Pokémon GO is the first certified “Sport in Life” by the Sports Agency

Pokémon GO is today the first app that has been granted the logo of the “Sport in Life” project by the Sports Agency. The Sport in Life project , announced by the Sports Agency on July 1, encourages the inclusion of sports as part of the lifestyle, and logos will be given to the activities in line with this project. The point that “Pokémon GO” provides the opportunity to walk in a fun way for many people was approved because it matched the purpose of the project.

“Pokémon GO” is based on Niantic’s “Adventures on Foot” corporate mission to “search and meet new places” “move the body” “relationship with others in the real world” Produced jointly with Pokemon Co., Ltd., based on the three main features.

The “Sport in Life” logo is ascribed to the fact that players in Japan and around the world (Pokémon trainers) are walking on a daily basis while enjoying “Pokémon GO”. In Pokémon GO, we are considering a campaign to encourage walking on a daily basis in the near future. Please look forward to it.

—The Niantic team

Source: Official Niantic blog

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