One Piece Straw Hat avatar items and Monkey D. Luffy PokéStops announced for Pokémon GO

Niantic recently announced a special One Piece-inspired event featuring Straw Hat Pikachu for Pokémon GO. The event will take place from July 22 to July 29 in Japan and will mark the debut of this new hat-wearing Pikachu, which is inspired by the iconic hat worn by Monkey D. Luffy. A Straw Hat with a red ribbon avatar item will also be made available in the in-game Style Shop. In addition, Monkey D. Luffy statues in the Kumamoto Prefecture will eventually serve as PokéStops, featuring artwork by Eiichiro Oda.

The event is also to support the reconstruction of Kumamoto, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2016.

Read on below for a translation of the original Japanese announcement:

Pokémon GO cooperates with Kumamoto revival support activity in which manga artist Eiichiro Oda is involved!


“Pokémon GO” also supports the reconstruction project of Kumamoto Prefecture, in which the manga artist Eiichiro Oda is cooperating!

The Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016. Manga artist Eiichiro Oda from Kumamoto Prefecture has always been helping to recover the areas affected by the earthquake. “Pokémon GO” also held an event in March 2017 where many “Kabigon” appeared in Kumamoto Prefecture, hoping that many trainers would visit Kumamoto Prefecture.

“Pokémon GO” also cooperates with the reconstruction project in which Mr. Oda is cooperating, and we will work together to support Kumamoto reconstruction. We hope that all Pokémon GO trainers from all over the world come to Kumamoto revitalization and visit the site.

The statues of friends of the character “Meat Straw” of the cartoon “ONE PIECE” will be set up in Kumamoto Prefecture. This statue appeared on “Pokémon GO” as a pocket stop on Monday, July 22, 2019. An illustration drawn by Mr. Oda is used for the image of Pokestop. (Newly drawn illustrations are reflected in the pocket stop sequentially according to the installation of the image.)

July 22 is a day that should be commemorated for both Oda and Pokémon GO. On July 22, 2019, “ONE PIECE” will celebrate its 22nd anniversary, and “Pokémon GO” will celebrate its 3rd anniversary from the start of service in Japan.

Trainers, please come to Kumamoto Prefecture and enjoy a special poke-stop.

In addition, in commemoration of this collaboration, “Pikachu wearing a red ribbon straw hat” will appear for a limited time all over the world, and “red ribbon straw hat” will be added to the changing item.

[Event date and time]

  • Japan Time, July 22nd, 2019 (Mon.) 13:00-July 29th (Monday)

[Event contents]

  • “Pikachu wearing a red ribbon straw hat” appears

[Dressaging Item] *

  • A changing item of “Red Ribbon Straw Hat” appeared in the Style Shop

Pokémon GO

— From Pokémon GO Development Team

When playing “Pokémon GO”, please follow the safety of your surroundings and follow the manners. ※ Time, place, contents of event may be changed by weather condition and circumstances of the day. Please note. ※ Images of friends of “one piece of straw” will be set up one by one, but Pokestop will appear on Monday July 22nd. About setting plan of image of “one piece of straw”, please see WEB site of “ONE PIECE Kumamoto revival project”.

“ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project”

Source: Official Pokémon GO blog

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