$500 Mareep Poké Plush revealed for the Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Company has revealed a $500 Mareep Poké Plush for the Pokémon Center. Read on below to learn more about this product:

Mareep Poké Plush – 24 In. (Preorder) $500.00

Preorder Details
PokemonCenter.com will start shipping this item in January 2020. You can place preorders until September 1, 2019. We will not charge your card for this item until it ships. You may see a preauthorization check on your card, but it is not a charge for this item. If you purchase other items in addition to this preorder, we will process the other items and ship them as available. Cancel your preorder up until December 1, 2019, by contacting support@pokemoncenter.com.

Mareep Is Ready to Join Your Team!
Just as big as it says in the Pokédex! This jumbo-size Poké Plush is a full 2 feet tall and more than 3 feet long, and it really gives you options! Will you count Mareep in the bedroom? Maybe put it under a glass tabletop? Possibly keep it near a rocking chair to maximize fluffy enjoyment during quiet times?

It’s your decision, and no matter where this Mareep winds up, it will be among the fluffiest and cuddliest plush you own! Make Mareep yours and give your home a bit of extra warmth and character with this Pokémon Center Original!

  • Measures about 24 inches tall and 40 inches long—matches Mareep’s height listed in the Pokédex
  • Material has a supersoft woolly, fluffy texture
  • Giant-size plush makes a big impression
  • Pokémon Center Original design

More Details

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Item Dimensions: 23.62 x 44.88 x 22.83 IN
  • Country Of Origin: Made in China
  • Materials: All new material / polyester / polypropylene / expanded polystyrene

Source: PokemonCenter.com

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