Pokémon Masters review roundup: Different enough from Pokémon GO with addictive gameplay but poor AI

Pokémon Masters, the new strategy and battling game for mobile platforms, is now available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). To see what several outlets had to say about the latest Pokémon mobile game, check out the review excerpts below:

SpazioGames – 75/100

Pokémon Masters is different enough from Pokémon Go to warrant a download from all those who love Pokémon.

Everyeye.it – 72/100

While not giving back the sense of adventure and the unbridled collecting of the games that make up the main series of Game Freak, Pokémon Masters can represent an excellent pastime for those who are never satisfied with struggles between Pocket Monsters: production can indeed entertain with a story long-lived and a fair amount of content.

Multiplayer.it – 70/100

Pokémon Masters is not a bad gacha game, it is only a gacha game like hundreds of others. Addictive, boring, sometimes a little bit fun.

Nintendo Life – 70/100

Pokémon Masters is a solid mobile release, and perhaps one of the most well-realised Pokémon mobile titles to date – especially in terms of presentation Sadly, the lack of any competitive element and little to do other than grind between events and story addition mean that it’s not entirely clear if the game will have the staying power required to keep people interested beyond the first few months. Still, the potential for character crossover in this game is unparalleled, and hopefully, it won’t be squandered.

Gamezebo – 70/100

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll get a kick out of seeing your favourite Pokémon and trainers in such stunning detail. The writing is also a joy, providing a genuinely engaging story that we didn’t feel the need to skip. Core Pokémon RPG fans will find the battle system too easy, with little challenge. Heck, even gacha RPG fans might find the poor AI baffling, as their Pokémon don’t use the elemental strengths to their advantage often.

Source: Metacritic.com

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