Pokémon Quest review roundup: Easy game to pick up and play, but ideas are not well-executed

Pokémon Quest, the free-to-start adventure that initially debuted on Nintendo Switch, is also available to download on iOS and Android devices. To see what several outlets had to say about the game, check out the review excerpts below:

148Apps – 70/100

Pokemon Quest is an easy game to pick up and play, but don’t expect anything too deep once you get going.

Nintendo Life – 70/100

Pokémon Quest is a fun little time waster that will satisfy your collect ’em all urges until the real deal launches on Switch in November. This is, for all extents and purposes, a free-to-play mobile game though, so you will have to splash the cash if you want to get the most out of it, but it’s far from a money sink. You can get everything you need in a single purchase, or unlock most of it slowly by playing for free. It’s one of the most generous freemium systems out there. Overall, it’s a great jumping off point for new fans of the series, and the cutesy art style just might win over veterans. Give it a shot.

SpazioGames – 70/100

Pokémon Quest is a funny adventure, without excessive pretensions, with new features from the point of view of the gameplay that fascinate: changing the capture system with a cooking system and recipe preparation is interesting, however slow. Free-to-start is not excessively burdened by purchases. However, it remains an adventure from a mere pastime and nothing more.

Meristation – 45/100

Pokémon Quest has some neat ideas but none of them is well-executed. It’s a free game so… try it. But it’s not definitely a great game by any means.

Source: Metacritic.com

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