Niantic explains the loading screen process for Pokémon GO

Niantic has explained the loading screen process for Pokémon GO in detail. Read on below to learn more:


You see it every time you open the game, and it’s come to represent different eras of Pokémon GO. It sometimes depicts the season—other times it highlights a new feature. The loading screen has been a core part of Pokémon GO’s identity since the very beginning, and we’re delighted to share with you the process behind how these masterpieces get created.

Every artist on the Pokémon GO team has a different process, but when they decide to start creating the screen, the general flow is the same.

  • Pull in three-dimensional character models, and create the scene in a three-dimensional space. This helps keep the proportions of the Pokémon consistent.
  • Move the camera around to find the best angle. Working in a three-dimensional space helps the artist visualize and create the best composition!
  • Throw on some simple textures and lighting to get a better sense of the scene. Different textures and lighting can really change the overall mood of the piece.
  • Share the piece with the relevant teams and partners for feedback. Several iterations are created to choose from before deciding on the one to move forward with.
  • Render the three-dimensional image as a two-dimensional image. This will serve as the base for the loading screen.
  • Paint the loading screen. Yes—every loading screen is hand painted digitally by our design team!

Lots of care goes into every single loading screen that our design team creates. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoy making them a reality!

Source: Pokémon GO Newsletter August 2019

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