Video: Mimikyu gives Team Rocket the heebie jeebies in Pokémon the Series Sun & Moon

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote every single Pokémon out there, The Pokémon Company is now sharing special posts featuring Ghost-type Pokémon, especially Mimikyu. The Pokémon Company has also updated its social media header with an image that features Mimikyu from Pokémon the Series:

Mimikyu Appears | Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon | Mimikyu Month

A spooky Pikachu or a plush toy? Don’t be scared, Team Rocket—it’s just Mimikyu! Ready your costume and settle in this month, Trainers! We’re showcasing some of the best moments from Pokémon the Series featuring the spooky Disguise Pokémon, Mimikyu.

Pokémon fact: Nobody knows what Mimikyu actually looks like

Source: @Pokemon

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