Video: Watch the full version of the Giovanni and Mewtwo trailer for Pokémon Masters

A troublesome new sync pair has arrived on the island of Pasio. Lurking Shadow, the first legendary event of Pokémon Masters, is here, and it consists of a new story event starring Giovanni & Mewtwo. Complete their story, and you’ll be able to add the 5★ sync pair Giovanni & Mewtwo to your roster. Their powerful sync move, World Domination Psystrike, will undoubtedly prove valuable to your team.

Giovanni & Mewtwo attack! | Pokémon Masters

Is that…Giovanni & Mewtwo?! Where did they come from? And what does this mean for Pasio?! There’s only one way to find out, Trainers. Are you up for the challenge? ※Blue, Cynthia, Lance will not appear in the event.

Giovanni e Mewtwo fanno incursione! | Pokémon Masters

Ma quelli sono… Giovanni e Mewtwo? Da dove sono spuntati?! Cosa ci fanno sull’isola di Pasio? C’è solo un modo per scoprirlo, Allenatori. Siete all’altezza di questa sfida? Camilla, Lance e Blu non compaiono in questo evento.




[공식]「Pokémon Masters」 비주기&뮤츠의 습격! (FULL Ver.)

드디어 비주기 & 뮤츠가 온다!
“Pokémon Masters”에서 첫 번째 ‘전설 포켓몬 이벤트’ 시작!

로켓단을 만든 비주기! 그가 파시오에 찾아온 이유는…? 👀
12월 5일, 게임 안에서 확인하세요!

이번에는 특별히 이벤트 스토리를 통해서
비주기&뮤츠 버디즈를 얻을 수 있어요!🙌🙌

If you’re having trouble defeating Giovanni & Mewtwo, remember that they’re weak to Dark-type moves. Confronting them with sync pairs like Grimsley & Liepard, Nanu & Persian, or Cheren & Stoutland will give you an advantage. Taking on Giovanni & Mewtwo in co-op battles will earn you more drops of custom items as well, if you’re up to the challenge. Once you team up with Giovanni & Mewtwo, you can use custom items to unlock this shady duo’s level cap and allow them to learn new moves.

Additionally, there will be a special Legendary Rally in which players will have the chance to receive up to 4,200 gems within a 14-day period through log-in bonuses, so don’t forget to play every day.

Pokémon Masters is available to download now. For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters official site.


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