Video: Ash finally has an OP team in Pokémon Journeys The Series

The first 12 episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series are now available to watch on Netflix in the U.S. And another 12 episodes will be added every three months for the duration of the season. Due to widespread and instant popularity, Pokémon Journeys: The Series quickly became among the top 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix.

Pokemon Journeys: Ash FINALLY Has An OP Team

If you haven’t watched Pokemon Journeys yet, you need to! The newest entry into the long-running Pokemon anime sees a newly victorious Ash from his win in Alola face down legendary Pokemon and his greatest tournament challenge yet. Yes, we’re talking about the World Coronation Series, which is the Pokemon tournament of Pokemons Tournaments. From what we’ve seen of the competitors thus far, Ash will need to bring his game to a whole new level just to compete at all.

Luckily, he’s already working on that problem. Ash has spent his time in the series not only traveling with his new friend Goh, but also obtaining a wide variety of powerful Pokemon. These range from longtime favorites like Dragonite and Gengar, to newer entries like the soon-to-be-Lucario, Riolu. Not to mention his ride-or-die Pikachu. These powerful Pokemon from several different regions of the series make it seem like Ash is gearing up for his final tournament that will decide that he’s the very best like no one ever was!

If he’s going to truly claim victory at the World Coronation Series, he’s probably going to need help from more than just his current roster. Ash may have to dive back into his past and find Pokemon like Charizard, Sceptile and Greninja!

Not only that but there’s a possibility that he might even catch a certain legendary Pokemon whose been popping up for several decades.

So let’s jump into the Op team Ash has assembled for Pokemon Journeys!

Official Synopsis for Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Fresh from their stay in the Alola region, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have set off on their next adventure in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and you can watch the first 12 episodes now on Netflix. This marks the beginning of Season 23 of the iconic animated series. In it, Ash is off to see the world, and it isn’t long before he befriends Goh, another boy with boundless curiosity about Pokémon. With Ash as determined as ever to become a Pokémon Master, and Goh aiming to catch one of every Pokémon (including the Mythical Mew), our heroes are in for adventure and excitement as they explore the wide world of Pokémon.

As mentioned, the first 12 episodes are currently available to stream on Netflix, and more episodes will be added every three months for the duration of the season. Tune in now to catch the action (and to see what new Pokémon Ash and his friends encounter).


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