Pokémon GIF: Charizard is all you really need to make a sled

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote all things Pokémon, The Pokémon Company is sharing special content dedicated to December and the Christmas season. Check them out in the embedded posts below:

Pokémon GIF: When you’ve been waiting all year to get your tree up and it shows

Pokémon GIF: Appreciate this wholesome moment between Bonnie, Dedenne and Amaura

Pokémon GIF: Serena throws snowballs at Ash

Pokémon GIF: Jessie, James and Meowth are definitely (not) not about to try to capture your Pikachu

Pokémon GIF: Ash, Brock and Dawn know that unexpected gifts are the best

Pokémon GIF: Ash, Brock and Dawn are looking super cute with their new winter clothes

Pokémon GIF: Ash, Brock and Dawn perform a winter outfit check

Pokémon GIF: When a snow day cancels school and work vs. when it’s snowing and you still have to go in

Pokémon GIF: Lycanroc hasn’t quite discovered how to make snow angels yet

Pokémon GIF: Bonnie and Dedenne love the feeling of falling into a fresh layer of snow

Pokémon GIF: Jessie knows that feeling when the weather forecasts snow

Pokémon GIF: There’s always that one house on the block that looks like this for Christmas

Pokémon GIF: Sledding gives a whole new meaning to dashing through the snow

Pokémon GIFs: Snorunt are working on a snowman and Glalie takes sledding very seriously

Pokémon GIF: Time to enjoy some soft Alolan Sandshrew content

Pokémon GIF: Oh, to be a Pokémon playing in the snow

The Pokémon Company updates social media pages with new header image featuring Santa hat Pikachu and Snowman Pikachu

Pokémon GIF: Do you want to build a snowman?

Pokémon GIF: You’ve been challenged to a snowball fight with Sophocles

Pokémon GIF: I don’t want a lot for Christmas…there is just one thing I need…

The Pokémon Company participates in the “us on December 1st” meme

Source: The Pokémon Company

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