Is Sylveon Coming to Pokemon Go This Week?

Niantic has recently revealed their next loading screen image for the Pokemon Go app, and eagle-eyed fans have spotted a familiar shadow lingering in the background: the Kalos region’s Sylveon!

Revealed back in 2013, Sylveon is one of eight of Eevee’s final evolutions and was revealed to be a Fairy-type, the first new Pokemon type to be revealed in thirteen years since Pokemon Gold and Silver’s introduction to Dark and Steel-type Pokemon. Sylveon made its first appearance in Pokemon X and Y, which took place in the Parisian-inspired Kalos region, and quickly became a favorite powerhouse against the infamous Dragon-type Pokemon who were previously known to be weak only to Ice-type Pokemon and fellow Dragon-type Pokemon.

To get Sylveon, trainers had to level up their Eevee after having at least two levels of Affection with it and teaching it a Fairy-type move. In Generation VIII, obtaining a Sylveon required leveling Eevee up during the day while it had a high friendship and knowing at least one Fairy-type move. While details on how to obtain Sylveon in Pokemon Go have not yet been revealed, we can assume that Eevee will need to know a Fairy-type move and, based on its similarity in evolving to an Espeon or Umbreon, be walked with for at least 10 km. For the first Sylveon, perhaps a nickname could cause Eevee to evolve into Sylveon ‘for free,’ as was the pattern with previous Eeveelutions.

With the loading screen set to go live on March 16, 2021 at 12 A.M. GMT, we can expect to receive more news then on how and when the long-awaited Sylveon will join Pokemon Go’s roster. Be sure to stock up on Eevee candy if you haven’t already! Sylveon may be coming soon!

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