Pokemon 25th Anniversary Special Podcast

The official YouTube account for Nintendo has posted its 37th episode for its Nintendo Power Podcast, and there’s a 37-minute segment dedicated to Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary. Talk-show host Chris is joined by Camille and Jayson to talk about everything Pokemon, including their favorite Pokemon RPG games, their favorite Pokemon (past and present), anticipated spin-offs, and first-time to present memories of the franchise in its 25-year run.

The new Pokemon Snap game, which will be released on April 30, 2021, is also discussed in this segment, which is rather fitting for the capturing memories theme of this episode. Not a lot of new information is available, but there is a mention of Pokemon Snap in relation to the real world, particularly about experience and taking photographs, as well as taking a picture to capture perfect moments.

The hosts also talk about Pokemon Brilliand Diamond and Shining Pearl, which is expected to release later this year, and which starter they think they would pick this time around. Jayson reminisces about how he found a lot to love [about the Sinnoh region], especially the Pokemon in it (00:30:50). He also mentions the Sinnoh Champion and her pseudo-dragon with a nod to the lore that will either be revisited or told for the first time once the remakes come out.

Stepping out of the remakes, the last four minutes of the Pokemon segment talks about Pokemon Legends of Arceus, which blends old and new elements to the Pokemon game. This game will be more of an origin story that reimagines the Sinnoh region, and while the Sinnoh starters will not be returning as the starting Pokemon for this game, players are sure to be excited to choose between a mix-and-match of some familiar faces from previous regions’ starters, including Rowlet (Alola), Cyndaquil (Johto), and Oshawott (Unova). There will also be some sort of focus or reference to Arceus, the creator of the Pokemon world, and fans are already trying to figure out what story is waiting to be told in this very first Pokemon open-world RPG.

It’s always fun to reminisce about our first Pokemon games and partners and give a shoutout to our favorite Pokemon. It can be even more fun when anticipating the release of future games and regions. Even if this is a recorded podcast, the comments section is available to share your own fond memories: your own Pokemon story!

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