Pokemon Theory: The Origins of Glastrier and Spectrier

When The Crown Tundra for Pokemon Sword and Shield was released, players were tasked with reuniting the legendary Calyrex with one of two steeds: the Ice-type Glastrier or the Ghost-type Spectrier. Depending on which horse is chosen, Calyrex can either become Ice Rider Calyrex (with Glastrier) or Shadow Rider Calyrex (with Spectrier), though a single game will not allow for both fusions to exist at the same time.

While this led to some confusion as to why a single player couldn’t own both forms of Calyrex, Reddit user, Gamingwithbrendan proposed that Calyrex originally rode a Galarian Rapidash before it froze to death and split into two separate Pokemon: the first being Glastrier, its physical body reanimated as a frozen corpse, and the second being Spectrier, its lingering ghost. In the illustration, Gamingwithbrendan further noted the similarities that the two horses had with Galarian Rapidash. Glastrier shared the same pointed ears as Galarian Rapidash, and its horn was frozen whilst Spectrier had the same long mane as well as flowing hair around its hooves. At a side-to-side glance, Spectrier’s profile closely resembled that of Galarian Rapidash (Glastrier shared its stance more closely with Mudsdale) and could pass as a Ghost-type alternate to its Fairy-type counterpart.

*Above: Glastrier and Spectrier Theory by Reddit User: Gamingwithbrendan

Nothing about this theory has been confirmed, but delving into the unspoken stories of Pokemon lore continues to spark a hot topic amongst fans of the franchise. This theory flirts with the slightly darker side of the origins of a Pokemon, but considering the moments of horror that the games and anime have already presented, it’s one that most other users can agree would make for an appropriate story of how these two legendary Pokemon came to be.

Have a theory or comment about the theory? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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