Season of Discovery Features You Don’t Want to Miss!

Earlier last week, I posted an article about the Pokémon news for June that I was most excited about (which you can read here).

But now, with the Season of Discovery and a whole bunch of news and updates officially upon us, I feel like a new list is in order that specifically highlights the Pokémon Go changes that I’m geeking out about.

So, with no further ado, here is my list of the top things trainers have to look forward to this summer!

The Legendary Raids

The only thing I’m upset about here is that Niantic didn’t introduce an overly complicated treasure hunt mechanic with brail, diving, and Relicanth to go along with the new legendary raids (Ruby and Sapphire players know what I’m talking about)…

Jokes aside, the legendary trio from Hoenn is BACK as five-star raid bosses from today until June 17, and I couldn’t be happier! Bring your friends and a whole squad of Conkeldurrs and Blazikens, because these ancient legendary Pokémon won’t go down easily.

And yes, for all you collectors out there, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel can all appear shiny as raid bosses.

Make sure to catch these Pokémon while they’re still around, because after they’re gone, a surprise Pokémon is taking their place. I wonder who it could be…

Wild Pokémon Shakeups

I live in New York. I see enough rats, but at least now some will be from Alola.

As part of the aptly named Season of Discovery, Pokémon Go is giving trainers the chance to hopefully discover some new Pokémon they may haven’t gotten their hands on yet.

For my fellow city dwellers, we can expect to see more Alolan Rattatta and Porygon running around, while those in mountainous areas will see the likes of Rhyhorn, Nosepass, and Dwebble.

The biome changes are intuitive, and I won’t spoil all the surprises here, but keep your eye out for increased starter Pokémon spawns this Summer! Players in the northern hemisphere will have increased access to Gen 3 starters, while Gen 4 staters will be appearing more frequently in the south.

Pokémon Go Fest

True story: one of my best friend’s parents travelled from Michigan to Chicago for the very first Go Fest in 2017, and instead of bringing him, they made him stay home to watch his little sister (lol).

Thankfully, he won’t have to worry about that happening again, since everyone will be able to celebrate this year’s Pokémon Go Fest on July 17 and July 18 from anywhere in the world, even the comfort of their own home.

With this year being Pokémon’s 25th anniversary and Pokémon Go’s fifth, we wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on the festivities, regardless of where they live!

There are still way more updates and blog posts to come on this exciting event, but for now, expect a weekend full of raids, music, adventure, and lots of rare Pokémon!

And More!

Did I even scratch the surface on all the fun coming your way this summer? Think again, trainers! As always, Niantic has a lot of fun planned for everyone, and the Season of Discovery is bound to be no exception. Be sure to check out for any and all updates!

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