Japanese McDonalds to release Pikachu themed foods from July 17th

This week it was revealed that McDonalds restaurants in Japan will release Pikachu themed foods from July 17th onwards. However, fans should be wary of this promotion as it’s only running for a few weeks and is not a long-term thing. This Pikachu promotion is based on the 25th anniversary of Pokemon which has seen an array of Pokemon related promotions running throughout 2021.

Included in this event are peach-flavored milkshakes, banana-flavored McFlurry’s and also apple pies. These come with Pikachu packaging which fans will surely keep long after the event has ended. Also, Happy Meals will include Pikachu, with an array of ball games included.

Sadly for western fans of Pokemon, this event is exclusively being held in Japan. As Pokemon originated in Japan, it still has a huge following in the country but there looks to be no evidence to see this promotion being used elsewhere. Interestingly though, this isn’t the first collaboration between McDonald’s and The Pokemon company either. Back in the late 90s, you could get Pokeballs with gold cards inside certain Happy Meal boxes.

Over the years, Pikachu has become the mascot of Pokemon and is universally recognized. Back in 2019, actor Ryan Reynolds even played Pikachu in the movie Detective Pikachu, eventually transforming back to a man towards the end of the film. Here, he showed that Pikachu could be stylish in human form too!

Check out the video below which is in Japanese.

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