Pokémon Go Fest 2021 – Prep Guide Part 4 – Ocean Beach Habitat

Hello all, continuing from the last article, this bitesize article will show you all you need to know about the Ocean Beach hours during the first day of the event.

Firstly, this habitat will be active between 12:00pm – 1:00pm as well as 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

During this time, all trainers (regardless if you have brought a ticket or not) will be able to see the following Pokémon:

Dratini– There are several reasons why this is a good Pokémon to grab. Firstly, this loveable Dragon type does have a shiny potential. Secondly, it is another chance to complete your Dragon platinum medal if you don’t already have it (I’m still about 500 shy of the platinum myself). Thirdly, both Dragonair and Dragonite see a lot of play in the Go Battle League. According to PvPoke, Dragonair ranks #143 (2/13/15) in the Great League, however it is most useful with the Return charged attack, which can only be obtained via purifying a shadow version. Dragonite ranks at #143 (0/13/15) in the Ultra League, but more importantly #23 (15/15/15) in the Master League, but will require XL candy.

As an extra note, if you have not completed the Jump Start Special Research, you will be able to obtain a lot of Dratini candy throughout.

Swablu– While we have had the Swablu community day relatively recently, some of you might still be looking for the XL candy if you were not level 40 at the time, or you might just have another Swablu you want to power up. Altaria ranks pretty well in the Great League at rank #7 (0/14/15) and is still okay in the Ultra League ranking at #120 (15/15/15), but it will require XL candy in order to make it viable. Furthermore, you’ll need to invest in an Elite Charged TM or wait until the community day move (Moonblast) becomes available again. There is also a chance to catch a shiny Swablu, if you’re still looking for one.

Alomomola– This Pokémon also has a shiny potential and has some use in the Go Battle League. It ranks at #83 (0/15/11) in the Great League and #140 (15/15/15) in the Ultra League, requiring XL candy.

For those with a Go Fest Ticket, the following Pokémon will be attracted to incense:

Sawk– While not particularly useful in the Go Battle League, it is another Pokémon appearing with it’s shiny debut and great for those who are not in the following regions: Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East.

Azumarill– We have recently had a Marill research event, but catching Azumarill will be able to yield us some XL candy as it is a great Pokémon for the Go Battle League ranking at #3 (0/15/15) in the Great League requiring XL candy and still ranks #6 (8/15/15) without! We will also be able to grab 300 stardust per catch (350 in either Rainy or Cloudy weather)

Gyarados– With the mega available, it is always useful to be able to grab more candy or XL candy to power this Pokémon up as well as being a stage two Pokémon yielding us 300 stardust per catch (350 in Rainy or Windy weather). It also ranks #59 (0/15/14) in the Ultra League and #28 (15/15/15) in the Master League, it will require XL candy to be viable.

Vaporeon– The only real use in the Go Battle League is in the Master League, ranking at #121 (15/15/15), requiring XL candy. Again, it might be worth conserving your candy and stardust in to a more relevant Eeveelution. However, with a quick charged move in Aqua Tail, it can have it’s uses in raids as a budget counter. Again, as it is a second stage Pokémon, we will be able to get XL candy with each catch as well as 300 stardust (350 in Rainy conditions).

Unown F & G – As with the previous hour, these Pokémon will be available to catch, including the shiny form

Next up will be the Cave habitat. Happy hunting everyone.


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