Series 3 Pokémon Center × Bear Walker skateboards featuring designs based on Pancham, Pyukumuku and Snom available now at the Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Company International has once again teamed up with skateboard industry craftsman Bear Walker for Series 3 of the Pokémon Center × Bear Walker premium skateboard collection. Read on below to learn more:

Pokémon Center × Bear Walker Skateboards with Pancham, Pyukumuku, and Snom

A new series of awesome boards by the noted skateboard designer has arrived at the Pokémon Center.

Renowned skateboard craftsman Bear Walker has once again teamed up with Pokémon Center to bring fans a third series of awesome wooden boards. This new series of limited-edition skateboards features Pancham, Pyukumuku, and Snom. Each board has textured surfaces that provide a sturdy grip, and each comes equipped with matching wheels and trucks, so they’re ready to ride.

These handcrafted skateboards showcase their star Pokémon in a suitably rad pose, whether it’s Pancham grinning wildly while in mid-leap, Pyukumuku tossing up a peace sign, or a pair of Snom…well, just chilling out and being Snom. Each are surrounded by a colorful background that perfectly complements the Pokémon’s personality.

Take them out to the skate park or hang them on your wall as true works of art, these new Pokémon Center × Bear Walker skateboards will look great no matter where they are. The previous series have sold out quickly, so head over to the Pokémon Center and check them out now! And remember that you can also subscribe to the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter for updates on upcoming releases and other Pokémon Center news.

Skate in style 🛹

Bear Walker x Pokémon Center Series 3.


Channel Pokémon power and spirit with limited-edition skateboards designed by Bear Walker.


Take pride in owning a one-of-a-kind skateboard—each one comes with an enveloped certificate.


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