Pokémon Center x RockLove feat. Espeon and Umbreon

The Eeveelutions have been getting a lot of love this month, with Pokémon Go preparing for an Eevee Community Day on the 14th and 15th and the TCG’s Evolving Skies being released on the 27th. And while RockLove isn’t limited to jewelry that only features Eevee and two of its evolutions, the story and meaning behind the Espeon and Umbreon pendants (each sold separately) are certainly worth telling.

Founded by Allison Cimino, RockLove is well-known for expanding into various franchises, including but not limited to Pokémon, Disney, and Marvel, and is a unique blend of high-end jewelry and [Cimino’s] treasured fandoms. Being a storyteller herself, Cimino cites designing for franchises she personally values and is a fan of herself to ensure the genuineness and point of connection in her creations to share amongst fellow fans, whom each bring their own story.

Pokémon has built similar connections amongst its fans since its inception in 1997, and it’s fitting for these two brands to collaborate and connect their stories so that fans can share their own experiences with both franchises. Espeon and Umbreon, a well-known PokéPair pair, take the stage to represent the connection in both their respective franchise and the point of connection illustrated in the stories that influence RockLove as a brand. As mentioned previously, while the two are sold separately, when paired with each other, they fit as a sign of forever friendship (and as a friendly reminder, these two Pokémon are known for evolving during either the nighttime or daytime when Eevee has a high friendship level!).

So, of counterparts and complements, who’s the Espeon to your Umbreon, or the Umbreon to your Espeon?

You can purchase one or both pendants now at the Pokémon Center’s official website! (They’ll make great necklaces for you and your bestie to adorn to celebrate Espeon and Umbreon’s reappearance on September 3rd in the PokéAnime!) Is it National (Pokémon) Best Friends Day? Happy Pokémon-celebrating!

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