Pokémon Center × RockLove collection expands with Galarian Ponyta, Lapras and Wooloo necklaces available now for $99.99 each

New Pokémon merch is available now at the official Pokémon Center. Read on below to learn more:

Pokémon Center Introduces RockLove Series 3 Jewelry

Flaunt your good taste with the latest collaboration between Pokémon Center and RockLove, including three necklaces made from precious metals.

Wear your Pokémon fandom with pride with an elegant new line of necklaces from the Pokémon Center. The Pokémon Center × RockLove Series 3 stars the gorgeous Galarian Ponyta, peaceful Lapras, and wonderful Wooloo as stunning pendant necklaces. Each piece features a compelling design paying tribute to the unique physical qualities and personality of the Pokémon it portrays. Made with precious metals and materials like sterling silver, this jewelry line boasts a refined aesthetic.

The Pokémon Center × RockLove collaboration is characterized by attention to detail, making each necklace a statement piece. That attention to detail even extends to the packaging, with each piece arriving in a signature Pokémon Center × RockLove collector’s box. And each box features a magnetic Poké Ball-inspired exterior and colorful metallic silkscreened art interior.

Evoke Lapras’s gentle power and nobility with a beautifully sculpted sterling silver shell. Harness Galarian Ponyta’s mystical charm and innocence with hand-painted enamel details that make each piece shine. And channel Wooloo’s whimsical power to endear and endure with a unique piece equipped with a spinning mechanism, enabling Wooloo to rotate head over feet!

The Pokémon Center × RockLove Galarian Ponyta necklace, Lapras necklace, and Wooloo necklace are available at the Pokémon Center for $99.99 each.

Source: Pokemon.com

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