Cool Japanese Sword & Shield Gym Promo Cards

Japanese Gym Promo Cards are basically equivalent to English Promo Cards. Most of the times, Gym Promo Cards are released much earlier and some specific gym promo cards are not available as English cards at all.

Signature Cards

Signature Cards features popular characters from Pokemon Sword & Shield as Supporter Cards with their respective Signature on the cards. Right now, we have following Signature Cards : Bede, Hop, Marnie, Leon, Bea, Leon and Nessa. By the way, the regular version [without signature] of these cards are already available in English Version. Also, English Version of Marnie Signature Card are already available.

Perhaps, more Signature Cards will be released in future. These cards are great for Pokemon Fans who like specific character from the series.

Human Pokemon Card

It is not surprising that Koko is treated as a Pokemon. If you have watched the Pokemon Movies : Secrets of the Jungle, you will know that Koko had been raised by Zarude since he was a baby [Mythical Pokemon]. In fact, you can see the Zarude behind Koko in the card. As far as I know, this is the first time Human Version of Pokemon Card.

Because Koko is a Pokemon, he has two attacks in this card. The first attack is known as Call for the Forest and the attack let you search 1 Grass Pokemon from your deck. The other attack, Tarzen Kick has 120 damage and you need to flip a coin when you use this attack. If you got tail, this attack doesn’t happen.

Classic Art

Unfortunately, these two very beautiful classic style Pokemon card only available as Japanese Card. Both Classic Full Art Cramorant and Pikachu are part of a collaboration between the Pokémon Company and the Japan Post Service. These cards are mainly for showing respect to Classic Japanese Artworks.

Cramorant attack, Triple Jab does 60 damage for each head you get from flipping 3 coins while Pikachu attack, Trading Places let it switch with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

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