How to remove Postcards from your Postcard Book in Pokémon GO

Niantic has announced a new feature for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

What is the Postcard Book?

Your Postcard Book is a collection of Postcards that you have saved. You can collect Postcards from locations that you have visited or save them from Gifts you have received from Friends.
View your Postcard Book by either tapping on the Postcard Book image in your Item Bag or by tapping on the Postcard Book button on your Trainer Profile.
Scroll to view any Postcards that you’ve saved organized by the date they were added to your Postcard Book. Tap the button in the bottom right corner to choose to sort your saved Postcards by date received or by your Friend’s Trainer Name or nickname.
Tapping on an individual Postcard will show more details about when it was received, the photo attached to the Postcard, and the Friend who sent it to you. If you remove a Friend, you will still keep the Postcard, however, their name will be removed from the details.
By default you can save up to 300 Postcards.

Visiting Locations and Saving Postcards

If you are visiting an exciting or interesting location and you want to commemorate the visit, you can save a Postcard from that location if you have received a Gift from the PokéStop or Gym.
To add Postcards to your Postcard Book:
  1. Tap the Main Menu button.
  2. Tap the Items button.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Gifts image in your Item Bag.
  4. Tap on Gifts to see all of the Gifts in your Bag.
  5. Tap on the Gift for which you want to view the Postcard.
  6. Tap on the pin to add a Postcard to your Postcard Book. The pin will change color to indicate the Postcard has been saved.
  7. To remove a Postcard, tap the pin again.
Be sure to save your Postcard before sending your Gift, you will not be able to add the Postcard to your Postcard Book after you have sent the Gift to your Friend.
Note that you must have a Gift from the location in your Item Bag in order to save the Postcard. You can save Postcards from the same location received at different days or times.

Saving Postcards from Gifts

If you receive a Gift from a Friend who has visited an exciting or interesting location and you would like to save the Postcard attached to the Gift, you can add it to your Postcard Book.
To add a Postcard from a Gift to your Postcard Book:
  1. In Map View, navigate to your Trainer Profile.
  2. Tap the Friends tab at the top of the screen to open your Friend List.
  3. Tap on the Trainer whose Gift you wish to open.
  4. Tap on the Gift to view the attached Postcard.
  5. Tap the pin button to save the Postcard to your Postcard book. If you tap the pin button by accident, you can tap again to remove the Postcard from your Postcard book.
Please note that, once you have opened a Gift from a Friend, you are unable to save the Postcard.

Removing Postcards from your Postcard Book

If you decide that you no longer want to keep a Postcard, or if your Postcard Book inventory is full, you can remove Postcards at any time. When you remove a Postcard, you will receive a message confirming that the Postcard has been removed. Once you remove a Postcard, please note that this action cannot be undone.
If you are opening a Gift from a Friend or reviewing all the Gifts in your Item Bag and accidentally tap the pin to save a Postcard, simply tap it again to remove it.
To remove Postcards while viewing your Postcard Book:
  1. Tap on a Postcard to view its details
  2. Tap the menu in the bottom right 
  3. Tap Delete and tap Yes to confirm
Once you have reached or exceeded your Postcard limit, you will not be able to save new Postcards. If you try to save a new Postcard while your Postcard Book is full, you’ll receive a warning message and the option to manage your Postcard Book.

Controlling what others see

When you first use the Postcard Book, you will be able to select whether or not to display your Trainer Name in your Friend’s Postcard Book. You can change this at any time from the Settings menu.
To change change your sharing settings:
  1. Tap the Main Menu button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Scroll down to “Share your nickname in Friends’ Postcard Books”.
  4. Tap to check the box and opt in to sharing your Trainer Name. Tap remove the check and opt out of sharing. If you opt out, your Trainer Name will be removed from any Postcards that your Friends have previously saved as well as future saved Postcards.

Source: Official Pokémon GO support page

Introducing the Postcard Book!


Being together is the best gift of all, and you’ll soon be able to save a little bit of that feeling of togetherness with Gifts you receive from your friends.

This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce the Postcard Book! Whenever a Trainer sends a gift, a postcard from that location is also attached based on the Pokéstop location that gift was from. Ever wanted to save memories from locations that you or your friends visited? You’ll soon be able to do just that by pinning Postcards to your Postcard Book.

The Postcard Book feature will be released at the start of the Pokémon GO Holidays event.

Get gifting this holiday season, and collect Postcards from your friends and family!

How to access the Postcard Book

You can access your Postcard Book in your Item Bag or your Trainer profile.

How to pin Postcards

You can pin Postcards from friends’ Gifts by viewing the Gifts in their Trainer profiles and tapping the pin icon.

You can also pin postcards from your own Gifts by viewing your Gifts in your Item Bag and then selecting the Gift whose postcard you want to pin.

Viewing your Postcards

You can sort your Postcards by the date you received them.

You can also sort them by who sent them.

Tap on a Postcard in your Postcard Book to view the date you received it and who sent it to you.

Removing Postcards from your Postcard Book

You can remove Postcards from your Postcard Book by selecting the Postcard you’d like to remove, tapping the icon in the bottom right, and then tapping DELETE.

Adjusting privacy settings

You can opt in or out of having your Trainer Nickname shown in the Postcard book through the settings menu.

To learn more about the Postcard Book feature, please check out this help center article

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check this help center article.

—The Pokémon GO team

Source: Official Pokémon GO blog

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