Video: Behind the scenes of Pokémon Evolutions Episode 7 titled The Show

A new eight-episode web-exclusive animated series called Pokémon Evolutions has been announced. Read on below to learn more:

Behind the Scenes of Pokémon Evolutions 🎬 Ep 7: The Show

The Kimono Girls return to the stage!

The spotlight is on Johto as we journey back to the historic region in this behind-the-scenes performance from Pokémon Evolutions episode 7!

The Show 🎭 | Pokémon Evolutions: Episode 7

Outfits…lights…makeup! 👘🌟💄

The curtain rises on the Kimono Girls as they perform a tale of Johto’s Legendary Pokémon! Journey to Johto and discover secrets from this historic region in Pokémon Evolutions episode 7!

Enjoy “The Show” in Pokémon Evolutions on Pokémon TV and YouTube

The seventh episode of Pokémon’s new, limited animated series offers a thrilling tale about one of Johto’s Legendary Pokémon.

The Pokémon Evolutions journey across the wide, wonderful world of Pokémon continues with the seventh episode, now available on Pokémon TV and the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Episode 7, “The Show,” puts the Kimono Girls of the Johto region in the spotlight as they tell an epic story about the region’s Legendary Pokémon. What secrets and insights about the Pokémon world will be revealed by this story within a story? Watch “The Show” to learn more about the Legendary Pokémon and the Johto region’s incredible performers.

Keep an eye out for the final episode of Pokémon Evolutions illuminating the Kanto region on December 23. Episodes are available on Pokémon TV and the official Pokémon YouTube channel, offering a fresh perspective on the world of Pokémon and its distinctive regions.

  • December 2, 2021: “The Rival” featuring the Sinnoh region
  • December 9, 2021: “The Wish” featuring the Hoenn region
  • December 16, 2021: “The Show” featuring the Johto region
  • December 23, 2021: “The Discovery” featuring the Kanto region


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