25 Kanto Pokémon silhouettes from Pokémon Red and Blue have been added as an option for Pokémon Shirts embroidery from Original Stitch

The Pokémon Company’s extensive partnership with Original Stitch continues! Read on below to learn more:

New custom choices for Pokémon Shirts!

Added Pokémon character embroideries, Poké Ball designed buttons, and base fabric colors!

New customizations are now available for Pokémon shirts, which can be customized with a choice of 434 different Pokémon patterns. These new customization choices include Pokémon character embroideries, and a new lineup of Poké Ball designed buttons and base fabrics. Choose your perfect Pokémon to tailor to your next occasion!

Twenty-five Pokémon from “Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue” have been added as an option for an embroidery. You can choose to add an embroidery in a total of four different locations (left chest, sleeve, front hem, and back hem). Available to be added to base fabrics or with Pokémon patterned fabrics.

The new lineup of base fabrics includes wrinkle-resistant oxford and kanoko fabrics, as well as utility fabrics for a more casual look.

In addition to the Poké Ball, Super Ball, and Hyper Ball buttons, the Premier Ball, Moon Ball, and Dive Ball have been added to the button lineup!

【公式】ポケモンシャツ ドキュメンタリー映像「ポケモンシャツができるまで」

「Pokémon Shirts – ポケモンシャツ -」


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©2020 Pokémon. ©1995-2020 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Source: Original Stitch

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