Official Rosa and Serperior canvas art prints and posters available now at the Pokémon Center

New products have arrived at the official Pokémon Center! Read on below to learn more:

Skyla, Lance, and Friends Star in Pokémon Center’s Pokémon Trainers Collection

Decorate with Dawn or represent with Rosa via fun decor and comfy, stylish fashion.

Fly high with Skyla and party down with Piplup and Dawn via the Pokémon Center’s new Pokémon Trainers collection! Featuring posters that pack an aesthetic punch and fabulously comfortable clothing, the Pokémon Trainers collection celebrates the bond between Trainers from around the Pokémon world and their beloved Pokémon. Skyla and Swanna jetting across a dreamy blue sky and Elesa and Zebstrika striking an electrifying pose are just a few of the designs starring Trainers, Gym Leaders, Champions, and members of the Elite Four.

Wear your favorite Trainer with pride with T-shirts, sweatshirts, and long-sleeve shirts. And any good Trainer can tell you that home is where the Pokémon are, so accessorize your home sweet home with art featuring the Pokémon Center Lady and Blissey, Steven Stone and Metagross, Dawn and Piplup, and more! Can’t choose your favorite? Create a gallery wall celebrating the power of the bonds between Pokémon and Trainers.

Check out the Pokémon Trainers collection available exclusively at the Pokémon Center.

🧵Fashion. 🖼️Art. ❤️Pokémon.

Show off your fave Trainers & their Pokémon, front and center 😍

Divine Décor, Fun Fashion

Bring home some of your favorite Trainers—including Dawn, Skyla, Lance, and more—with the Pokémon Center’s Trainer Suite collection. Decorate with playful posters or wear your fandom with pride in comfy t‑shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Find Your Favorite

Will you fly high with Skyla, represent with Rosa, or strike a pose with Elesa? Choose your favorite, or bring them all home.



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