Learn all about Interactions, Expeditions, Unlocking Character Stories and Exclusive Sync Pairs and more from the official Pokémon Masters EX Trainer Lodge Guide

DeNA is continuing to add more events and new features to Pokémon Masters EX on a regular basis. Read on below to learn more:

Pokémon Masters EX Trainer Lodge Guide: Interactions, Expeditions, Unlocking Character Stories and Exclusive Sync Pairs, and More

Learn more about your favorite Trainers and power up your sync pairs in Pokémon Masters EX.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride a ferris wheel with N? Or do you dream of picking out a stylish outfit with Raihan? Iconic Trainers are gathering in Pokémon Masters EX’s Trainer Lodge, and you’re invited to join them. Chat it up with your favorite Trainers to team up with Trainer Lodge–exclusive sync pairs and earn a brand-new upgrade item that increases a sync pair’s level cap past 140. Whether you’re in it for the Trainer talks or the rewards, there’s plenty to love about Pokémon Masters EX’s newest feature.

Interactions and Inviting Guests to the Trainer Lodge

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Teaming up with certain sync pairs will allow you to invite those Trainers to the Trainer Lodge as guests. Some of these sync pairs are obtained by playing through the main story, while others must be scouted from specific sync pair scouts. You can invite up to five guests to the Trainer Lodge at a time, and you can regularly interact with them to raise their friendship level.

There are currently 11 potential guests that can be invited to the Trainer Lodge: Blue, Cynthia, Elesa, Lillie, Marnie, May, N, Professor Sycamore, Raihan, Rosa, and Silver. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have teamed up with the Trainer in their original outfit before you can invite them to the Trainer Lodge. For example, having Marnie & Morpeko will allow you to invite Marnie to the Trainer Lodge—but you cannot invite Marnie to the Trainer Lodge if you only have Marnie (Summer 2021) & Grimmsnarl. To learn exactly how a Trainer can be invited to the Trainer Lodge, go to the Trainer Lodge, tap Invite, select the Trainer, then tap Scout at the top.

Locations, Hot Topics, and Max Vibes

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Before an interaction begins, you will be able to select a location where you and your guest will go to have your chat. Different locations are unlocked as a guest’s friendship level increases, so you can enjoy more places together as you both become better friends!

Interactions only last as long as you have your guest’s attention, and discovering a guest’s hot topic is key to keeping their attention from disappearing too quickly. A guest’s hot topic is randomly determined prior to each interaction—it’s usually a secret, but as a guest’s friendship level rises, there’s a chance their hot topic will be revealed at the start of an interaction. Selecting a topic that matches a guest’s hot topic will halve the amount of attention lost and potentially activate max vibes. During max vibes, the amount of friendship points earned will be doubled and your guest’s attention won’t drop at all!

Guests might be interested in one of the following hot topics.

  • Pokémon
  • Items
  • Friends
  • Hobbies
  • Fashion
  • Places
  • Other

Each guest will have unique things they enjoy that fall under the umbrella of these hot topics, and guests will enjoy certain things to different extents, directly influencing the amount of friendship points you’ll receive during an interaction. Topics that are “interesting” to the guest will reward five points, while “exciting” topics give seven points. “Super exciting” topics will give 10 points. Attention naturally drops as an interaction continues, so try to keep your guest’s attention by selecting topics that give significant friendship points and match their current hot topic.

Help Items

Before each interaction, you will be able to select help items that affect your upcoming interaction. You don’t have to use help items during every interaction, but help items can assist you in steering the conversation or keep your guest of choice interested longer. You can exchange expedition rewards for help items in the Lodge Exchange.

There are currently four help items: Insight SpecsBoost JuiceDig-It Shovel, and Feel Ring.

Help Item Effect
Insight Specs Reveals the hot topic of an interaction.
Boost Juice Ensures max vibes when you select a topic that matches your guest’s hot topic during an interaction.
Dig-It Shovel Attention drops are reduced by two during an interaction. The lowest number this drop can reach is zero.
Feel Ring Topics that match your guest’s hot topic will appear more often during an interaction.


You can also give your guest a present during an interaction to restore their attention. Presents also multiply the total friendship points you’ll receive and refresh the current topics, giving you both a boost and a second change at conversational success. You can only give one present during an interaction, so it’s important to consider the timing! Presents can be obtained by exchanging expedition items in the Lodge Exchange.

Present Effects
[Trainer-specific present] Restores attention by 10. Refreshes topics. Multiplies friendship points earned by 1.10.
Good [Trainer-specific present] Restores attention by 20. Refreshes topics. Multiplies friendship points earned by 1.30.
Awesome [Trainer-specific present] Restores attention by 30. Refreshes topics. Multiplies friendship points earned by 1.50.

It might be tempting to use a present to restore your guest’s attention in a pinch, but using presents to get more friendship points or a change of topics is an equally valuable strategy.

Items, hot topics, and achieving max vibes are essential to having a productive chat in the Trainer Lodge. The more friendship points you get from your interactions, the more rewards you’ll earn and the faster you’ll unlock that Trainer’s Trainer Lodge–exclusive sync pair!

Friendship Rewards

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As you raise your guests’ friendship levels, you’ll earn rewards such as 5★ Scout Tickets, move candy coins, lodge stones, and the newly introduced Certificate of Excellence, which is used to increase a sync pair’s level cap past 140. Lodge stones and Certificates of Excellence can only be earned in the Trainer Lodge, so be sure to chat with your favorite Trainers if you want to strengthen your sync pairs to their max.

At friendship level 20 and 40, you unlock friendship stories where you get to learn a bit more about your guest. Once your friendship level with a particular guest reaches level 100, you’ll be able to team up with an exclusive new 4★ sync pair featuring that guest.


Making friends isn’t the only activity the Trainer Lodge has to offer! You can also form an expedition team of up to six Trainers to explore Pasio and receive expedition rewards. These expedition rewards can be exchanged for level-up manuals, codices, and items that can be used during interactions and on expeditions.

Putting Together Your Expedition Team

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At first, you will only have three Trainer slots per expedition team, but you can unlock up to six Trainer slots by exchanging Soothing Crystals, Fiery Crystals, and Wistful Crystals in the Lodge Exchange. These crystals can be earned from expeditions.

When building an expedition team, the main factor to consider is whether a sync pair’s expedition skill matches the discovery level of the kind of item you want to raise. For example, Guzma & Golisopod’s expedition skill increases your chances of discovering Rare Caches (which hold a variety of marvelous items) but decreases the discovery level of Wistful Crystals by two levels. It can be difficult to balance different expedition skills, so it’s best to focus on maximizing one or two discovery levels to ensure you obtain your desired expedition rewards.

One other factor to consider when building your expedition teams is a sync pair’s region-associated theme skill. Some sync pairs will gain a bonus to their discovery level based on how many sync pairs on their expedition team match their region’s theme skill. For example, Selene & Decidueye can raise the discovery level of Rare Caches by four levels if paired with three other sync pairs that have the Alola theme skill. This is an easy way to maximize a certain item’s discovery level without necessarily needing a lot of sync pairs.

Further Raising Your Discovery Level

There are a few other ways to raise the discovery level of your expedition teams: expedition items and cheering. Extracts will raise certain discovery levels by two for 24 hours. A Soothing Extract will raise the Soothing Crystal discovery level by two, a Fiery Extract will raise the Fiery Crystal discovery level by two, and so on. Cheering on your expedition teams while they’re out looking for goodies will also raise all discovery levels by two, though these cheering opportunities happen randomly. Be sure to check back often to claim your items and cheer on your sync pairs to get the most out of your expeditions. You may even find random items or witness a Bonus Event where Trainers and Pokémon interact in your expedition levels!


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There are plenty of cool items to earn and sync pairs to team up with by maximizing your time in the Trainer Lodge, and the scrapbook ties it all together. Whenever you unlock a guest’s friendship story, those stories can be viewed again, at any time, in the scrapbook. As you increase your guest’s friendship level, you will also unlock special snapshots of them. These snapshots can be further personalized with special frames that correspond with your sync pair’s move level. You can even get holo foils once you upgrade a sync pair to 6★ EX.

Enjoy making the most of your memories on Pasio!

Source: Official Pokémon Masters EX site and Pokemon.com

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