Video: Look back at Ash Ketchum’s great battles from Pokémon the Series

Special episodes of Pokémon the Series are now available on Pokémon TV. Read on below to learn more:

Ash Ketchum’s Great Battles 💥 | Pokémon the Series

Turn those hats backward, Trainers—we’re revisiting great battles from Pokémon the Series! 💥

Ash has battled top-tier Pokémon Trainers throughout his journey, and we’re celebrating some of the most action-packed moments from those heated matches! Let us know your favorite one below! ☟

Memorable Pokémon Catches 💕 | Pokémon the Series

How to catch a Pokémon:
1️⃣ Throw Poké Ball
2️⃣ Wait patiently
3️⃣ 🌟☺️🌟☺️🌟

Every Trainer (including Ash!) knows how exciting it can be to catch a Pokémon. Join us as we look back on the Pallet Town hero’s memorable catches, and let us know your favorite one below!

The Most Memorable Pokémon Animation on Pokémon TV

Don’t miss our handpicked collection of classic episodes from throughout the years.

It’s our humble opinion that every Pokémon episode is a joy to watch. But we’ll admit that certain adventures starring Ash and Pikachu stand out among the rest as truly memorable. So, we’ve put together a collection of episodes that have stuck with us through the years, and you can watch them now on Pokémon TV! Covering the entire 20-plus-year history of Pokémon the Series, this selection includes iconic battles, touching moments, and plenty of encounters with Team Rocket!

Remember that you can watch our selection of the most memorable episodes and many more animated adventures on Pokémon TV here on and on the Pokémon TV mobile app.


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