Video: Pokémon GO developer Niantic releases new Sky Segmentation for AR Tech Shorts

Pokémon GO developer Niantic is continuing to release promotional videos to showcase its games and initiatives. Check out them out below to learn more:

AR Tech Shorts | Sky Segmentation

AR Pizza Sign 🍕

Occlusion Vs. No Occlusion

So life IS just a game | XRarchitect

Dancing Robot | XRarchitect

12 Days of Christmas | Niantic Edition

Choose Your Trail | National Hiking Day Edition

Lightship x Snapdragon Spaces | Niantic

Niantic’s Lightship Visual Positioning System will be compatible with Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon Spaces™ starting in 2023.

AR Knowledge Drop | Veterans Day

Can you “Solve The Segmentation?” | Spooky Szn

Choose your own destiny! Which spooky location are you visiting? 🎃

AR Knowledge Drop: The Origins of AR

Experts React for World Mental Health Day | Niantic

To commemorate #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’re diving deep with two experts in the field of psychology. See how Pokémon GO has played a part in many explorers lives. ❤️ 🧠

Read more about Dr. Tanja Wingenbach’s study here:

Read more about Dr. Aaron Cheng’s study here:

#niantic #pokemongo #augmentedreality #metaverse

Source: Official Niantic blog


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