Major new content update now available for Pokémon UNITE to add new features, Pokémon Day event, Zacian as a playable character and much more

Pokémon UNITE is continuing to add new content, including new playable characters and in-game items, on a regular basis. Read on below to learn more:

February 27th (Monday) update content

An update will be made on Monday, February 27, 2023 at 13:00.

Update date and time February 27, 2023 (Monday) 13:00
Reflection method The update will be reflected when you restart the app.
Version after update Ver.
Update contents ・Battle pass update
・Ranked match update
・Shop update
・Event update
・Bug fixes
・Text fixes

If the update is not reflected, restart the app and the update will be reflected.
*During the game update, you may not be able to connect to the server. This is a temporary phenomenon, so please wait a while and try again.

Update contents


Challenge!! Boss Rush Appears for a limited time from February 27 (Monday)!
Regirock, Regiice, and Registill have been added as boss Pokemon to appear. It replaces Thunder, Freezer, and Regigigas.
Which boss Pokémon will appear among Regirock, Regice, and Registeel will vary from period to period.
Pokémon Day event During the event period, you can get 2023 Pokémon Day special fashion for free.
You can also obtain Zacian’s Unite License by participating in the event “Zacian’s Ruins Forest Great Adventure”.
Log in every day to participate in events and earn Zacian’s Unite License.


Medals and Battle Points related achievements have been updated. Please try the challenge!

● Mochimono

A recommended set has been added to the battle preparation screen. You can automatically have recommended items from the items you have.
Added new sticky items, “Sneak Spoon” and “Rescue Food”, which expand the strategy of Unite Battle. You can buy it at Eosmart.

● Unite Circle

Improved the screen when joining a unite circle. Find a Unite Circle that fits your playstyle.


Matching immediately after the start of a series will now also take into account your rank in the previous series.

● Shop

A set purchase shop has been added. You can move to the new set purchase shop by pressing the previous “Purchase Set” button.

The screen to select Pokemon before battle

The screen has been adjusted so that you can comfortably select Pokemon.

●Voice chat

Changed so that blocking voice chat also hides quick chat at the same time.

In order to adjust the balance of Unite Battles, we have made some changes to Pokémon abilities and moves.

▼Adjustment details


In order to show the presence of the move as the name suggests, we have adjusted the upwards of “Daimonji”.
The damage of “Magical Flame” and the mobility of “Nitro Charge” in the second half of Unite Battle were too high, so we have adjusted them downward.
Daimonji 2nd hit damage: about 35% more
magical flame Damage: about 10% less
Nitro Charge+ Movement speed increase effect: 75%→30%


“Psychokinesis” and “Psychoshock” have been adjusted downward because they dealt high damage consistently.
psychokinesis Wait time: 6 seconds → 7.5 seconds
Psychokinesis+ Wait time: 5 seconds → 6.5 seconds
psycho shock Wait time: 10 seconds → 11 seconds


Now that it’s time to unleash the psychic power of the forehead jewel, we’ve made a special upward adjustment to the enhanced attack.
If you have the natural prediction ability, you should be able to hit even farther away Pokemon, so we adjusted the range of “Psychic Shock” and “Speedster” upwards.
Magic Mirror
Wait time: 45 seconds → 35 seconds
Enhancement attack damage: increased by 40%
speedster Range of attacks: Increased by 20%
psycho shock Range of attacks: Increased by 20%


The rampage when combining “Aku no Hado” and “Genshi no Power” was amazing, so I adjusted it downward before Mt. Theia collapsed.
The power of “Stone Edge” was not enough, so we adjusted it upwards.
how about dark Damage: 10% less
Power of Genshi Wait time: 10 seconds → 11 seconds
stone edge Damage: 10% increase

● Ulaos

As a result of being able to unleash a series of continuous attacks, at the same time, I got a continuous HP, so I adjusted “Suiryu Renda” downward.
water droplets Recovery effect after using a move: 25% ~ 15% decrease (level 5 ~ 15)
Watermelon Renda+ Fixed a bug where the effect of shortening the waiting time of normal attacks after using a move was weak.

I am

The ability to protect allied Pokémon was too high, so we adjusted “Cotton Guard” downward.
cotton guard Wait time: 9 seconds → 10.5 seconds

● Orlot

“Wood Hammer” has been adjusted upward so that it can also be used as a defensive type. The way damage was divided was somewhat unfair, so we adjusted it upwards.
wood hammer Wait time: 6 seconds → 5 seconds
Damage: 15% ~ 25% increase
HP consumption: 7% of remaining HP → 5% of remaining HP
Time to swing down the second hammer has been shortened
For the sake of pain Damage dealt to opponent: 9%~17%→20%~30%


The “rolling” has been adjusted upward so that it is safe even if it rolls for a long time. The unite move “Star Recital” has been adjusted upwards to match the number of appearances of other support types.
to roll Shield duration: 1 second → 2.5 seconds
Unite Move:
Star Recital
Unite move gauge required: 20% less

● Kairyu

“Gekirin” and the unite move “Dragon Rush” have been adjusted upwards. I think it will get a lot of attention on Eos Island as well.
Gekirin Enhanced Attack Damage: Increased by 10%
Unite Move:
Dragon Rush
Required Unite Move Gauge: Reduced by about 20%

Fire row

“Brave Bird” has been adjusted upwards so that you don’t miss the timing of the charge.
brave bird Wait time: 10 seconds → 8.5 seconds

● Zoroark

In order to make it a little more useful in the latter half of Unite Battles, we have adjusted the upwards of attacks, “Iai-giri”, and the Unite move “Nightfall Burst”.
Ability score Attack: 160~670→150~700 (Level 1~15)
Iai-giri Damage: 10% increase
Unite Move:
Nightfall Burst
Required Unite Move Gauge: Reduced by about 10%


spark Fixed an issue where normal attack charges would sometimes not trigger after using a move.

Source: Official Pokémon UNITE website


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