Niantic has made improvements to the Pokémon GO support experience

Niantic has updated the official Known Issues support page for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

Pokémon GO Support Changelog

Hey Trainers, we’ve made improvements to the support experience.

Support menu interface: We made the support menu easier to use. Now, when you reach out to us through the app, you can choose from a list of options that better describe what’s going on. The list includes common things that you may need help with and some new options.

Form steps: If you have a problem and you let us know through the app, we made it simpler for you to provide us with additional information when we need it. We might ask you to fill out a form, and the information you give us will help us understand their situation better so we can help more effectively.

Help Center articles with forms: When you need to get in touch with us, but can’t log in to your account, we are making it simpler to ask for help.

Resolution experience survey: Once you contact us through the app and get a resolution, you can give us more detailed feedback about how we did. This will help us improve the support we provide and make things better for everyone. We hope to keep getting better with the community’s help.

Source: Official Pokémon GO support page


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