Cinderace, #815 – Striker Pokémon

It juggles a pebble with its feet, turning it into a burning soccer ball. Its shots strike opponents hard and leave them scorched. It's skilled at both offense and defense, and it gets pumped up when cheered on. But if it starts showboating, it could put itself in a tough spot. Type: Fire Category: Striker … Continue reading Cinderace, #815 – Striker Pokémon

Raboot, #814 – Rabbit Pokémon

Its thick and fluffy fur protects it from the cold and enables it to use hotter fire moves. It kicks berries right off the branches of trees and then juggles them with its feet, practicing its footwork. Type: Fire Category: Rabbit Ability: Blaze, which powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble. Hidden … Continue reading Raboot, #814 – Rabbit Pokémon

Scorbunny, #813 – Rabbit Pokémon

A warm-up of running around gets fire energy coursing through this Pokémon's body. Once that happens, it's ready to fight at full power. It has special pads on the backs of its feet, and one on its nose. Once it's raring to fight, these pads radiate tremendous heat. Type: Fire Category: Rabbit Ability: Blaze, which … Continue reading Scorbunny, #813 – Rabbit Pokémon