Yanma, #193 – Clear Wing Pokémon

Yanma is capable of seeing 360 degrees without having to move its eyes. It is a great flier that is adept at making sudden stops and turning midair. This Pokémon uses its flying ability to quickly chase down targeted prey.

Type: Bug/Flying

Category: Clear Wing

Ability: Compound Eyes, which boosts the Pokemon’s accuracy. Or Speed Boost, which gradually boosts its Speed stat.

Hidden Ability: Frisk, which enables the Pokemon to check an opposing Pokemon’s held item when it enters a battle.

Weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Electric and Ice

Resistances: Fighting, Grass and Bug

Immunity: Ground

Evolutions: It evolves into Yanmega when leveled up while knowing the move Ancient Power.

Height: 3′ 11″ Weight: 83.8 lbs


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