Yanmega, #469 – Ogre Darner Pokémon

It prefers to battle by biting apart foes’ heads instantly while flying by at high speed. This six-legged Pokémon is easily capable of transporting an adult in flight. The wings on its tail help it stay balanced.

Type: Bug/Flying

Category: Ogre Darner

Ability: Tinted Lens, which powers up not very effective moves. Or Speed Boost, which gradually boosts its Speed stat.

Hidden Ability: Frisk, where the Pokemon can check an opposing Pokemon’s held item.

Weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Electric and Ice

Resistances: Fighting, Grass and Bug

Immunity: Ground

Evolutions: Yanmega evolves from Yanma when leveled up while knowing the move Ancient Power.

Height: 6′ 03″ Weight: 113.5 lbs


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