Houndour, #228 – Dark Pokémon

Houndour hunt as a coordinated pack. They communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. This Pokémon’s remarkable teamwork is unparalleled.

Type: Dark/Fire

Category: Dark

Ability: Flash Fire, which powers up the Pokemon’s Fire-type moves if it’s hit by one. Or Early Bird, where the Pokemon awakens quickly from sleep.

Hidden Ability: Unnerve, which unnerves opposing Pokemon and makes them unable to eat Berries.

Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, Rock and Water

Resistances: Ghost, Fire, Ice, Steel, Grass and Dark

Immunity: Psychic

Evolutions: Houndour evolves into Houndoom starting at level 24.

Height: 2′ 00″ Weight: 23.8 lbs


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