Wingull, #278 – Seagull Pokémon

Wingull has the habit of carrying prey and valuables in its beak and hiding them in all sorts of locations. This Pokémon rides the winds and flies as if it were skating across the sky. Wingull rides updrafts rising from the sea by extending its long and narrow wings to glide. This Pokémon’s long beak is useful for catching prey.

Type: Water/Flying

Category: Seagull

Ability: Keen Eye, which prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy. Or Hydration, which heals status conditions if it’s raining.

Hidden Ability: Raid Dish, where the Pokemon gradually regains HP in Rain.

Weaknesses: Electric and Rock

Resistances: Fire, Water, Steel, Fighting and Bug


Evolutions: Wingull evolves into Pelipper starting at level 25.

Height: 2′ 00″ Weight: 20.9 lbs


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