Pelipper, #279 – Water Bird Pokémon

Pelipper is a flying transporter that carries small Pokémon and eggs inside its massive bill. This Pokémon builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea. Pelipper searches for food while in flight by skimming the wave tops. This Pokémon dips its large bill in the sea to scoop up food, then swallows everything in one big gulp.

Type: Water/Flying

Category: Water Bird

Ability: Keen Eye, which prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy. Or Drizzle, where the Pokemon makes it rain when it enters battle.

Hidden Ability: Raid Dish, where the Pokemon gradually regains HP in Rain.

Weaknesses: Electric and Rock

Resistances: Fire, Water, Steel, Fighting and Bug


Evolutions: Pelipper evolves from Wingull starting at level 25.

Height: 3′ 11″ Weight: 61.7 lbs


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