Lairon, #305 – Iron Armor Pokémon

Lairon tempers its steel body by drinking highly nutritious mineral springwater until it is bloated. This Pokémon makes its nest close to springs of delicious water. Lairon feeds on iron contained in rocks and water. It makes its nest on mountains where iron ore is buried. As a result, the Pokémon often clashes with humans mining the iron ore.

Type: Steel/Rock

Category: Iron Armor

Ability: Rock Head, which protects the Pokemon from recoil damage. Or Sturdy, where it cannot be knocked out with one hit.

Hidden Ability: Heavy Metal, which doubles the Pokemon’s weight.

Weaknesses: Ground, Fighting and Water

Resistances: Normal, Bug, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Ice, Dragon and Fairy

Immunity: Poison

Evolutions: Lairon evolves from Aron starting at level 32, and into Aggron starting at level 42.

Height: 2′ 11″ Weight: 264.6 lbs


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