Cosmoem, #790 – Protostar Pokémon

Motionless as if dead, its body is faintly warm to the touch. In the distant past, it was called the cocoon of the stars. There's something accumulating around the black core within its hard shell. People think this Pokémon may come from another world. Type: Psychic Category: Protostar Ability: Sturdy, where it cannot be knocked out with … Continue reading Cosmoem, #790 – Protostar Pokémon


Togedemaru, #777 – Roly-Poly Pokémon

The spiny fur on its back is normally at rest. When this Pokémon becomes agitated, its fur stands on end and stabs into its attackers. The long hairs on its back act as lightning rods. The bolts of lightning it attracts are stored as energy in its electric sac. Type: Electric/Steel Category: Roly-Poly Ability:  Lightning Rod, … Continue reading Togedemaru, #777 – Roly-Poly Pokémon

Avalugg, #713 – Iceberg Pokémon

Its ice-covered body is as hard as steel. Its cumbersome frame crushes anything that stands in its way. The way several Bergmite huddle on its back makes it look like an aircraft carrier made of ice. Type: Ice Category: Iceberg Ability: Own Tempo, which prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused. Or Ice Body, where the Pokémon … Continue reading Avalugg, #713 – Iceberg Pokémon

Bergmite, #712 – Ice Chunk Pokémon

It blocks opponents' attacks with the ice that shields its body. It uses cold air to repair any cracks with new ice. Using air of -150 degrees Fahrenheit, they freeze opponents solid. They live in herds above the snow line on mountains. Type: Ice Category: Ice Chunk Ability: Own Tempo, which prevents the Pokémon from becoming … Continue reading Bergmite, #712 – Ice Chunk Pokémon

Carbink, #703 – Jewel Pokémon

Born from the temperatures and pressures deep underground, it fires beams from the stone in its head. It has slept underground for hundreds of millions of years since its birth. It's occasionally found during the excavation of caves. Type: Rock/Fairy Category: Jewel Ability: Clear Body, which prevents other Pokémon from lowering its stats. Hidden Ability: … Continue reading Carbink, #703 – Jewel Pokémon

Tyrunt, #696 – Royal Heir Pokémon

This Pokémon was restored from a fossil. If something happens that it doesn't like, it throws a tantrum and runs wild. Its immense jaws have enough destructive force that it can chew up an automobile. It lived 100 million years ago. Type: Rock/Dragon Category: Royal Heir Ability: Strong Jaw, where the Pokémon's strong jaw gives … Continue reading Tyrunt, #696 – Royal Heir Pokémon

Carracosta, #565 – Prototurtle Pokémon

They can live both in the ocean and on land. A slap from one of them is enough to open a hole in the bottom of a tanker. It could knock out a foe with a slap from one of its developed front appendages and chew it up, shell or bones and all. Type: Water/Rock … Continue reading Carracosta, #565 – Prototurtle Pokémon

Tirtouga, #564 – Prototurtle Pokémon

About 100 million years ago, these Pokémon swam in oceans. It is thought they also went on land to attack prey. Restored from a fossil, this Pokémon can dive to depths beyond half a mile. Type: Water/Rock Category: Prototurtle Ability: Solid Rock, which reduces damage from supereffective attacks. Or Sturdy, where it cannot be knocked out with … Continue reading Tirtouga, #564 – Prototurtle Pokémon

Crustle, #558 – Stone Home Pokémon

It possesses legs of enormous strength, enabling it to carry heavy slabs for many days, even when crossing arid land. Competing for territory, Crustle fight viciously. The one whose boulder is broken is the loser of the battle. Type: Bug/Rock Category: Stone Home Ability: Sturdy, where it cannot be knocked out with one hit. Or Shell … Continue reading Crustle, #558 – Stone Home Pokémon

Dwebble, #557 – Rock Inn Pokémon

It makes a hole in a suitable rock. If that rock breaks, the Pokémon remains agitated until it locates a replacement. When it finds a stone of a suitable size, it secretes a liquid from its mouth to open up a hole to crawl into. Type: Bug/Rock Category: Rock Inn Ability: Sturdy, where it cannot be knocked … Continue reading Dwebble, #557 – Rock Inn Pokémon