Whiscash, #340 – Whiskers Pokémon

Whiscash is extremely territorial. Just one of these Pokémon will claim a large pond as its exclusive territory. If a foe approaches it, it thrashes about and triggers a massive earthquake. If Whiscash goes on a wild rampage, it sets off a quake-like tremor with a radius of over three miles. This Pokémon has the ability to predict real earthquakes.

Type: Water/Ground

Category: Whiskers

Ability: Oblivious, which keeps the Pokemon from being infatuated or falling for taunts. Or Anticipation, which senses an opposing Pokemon’s dangerous moves.

Hidden Ability: Hydration, which heals status conditions if it’s raining.

Weakness: Grass

Resistances: Poison, Steel, Rock and Fire

Immunity: Electric

Evolutions: Whiscash evolves from Barboach starting at level 30.

Height: 2′ 11″ Weight: 52.0 lbs


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