Best Water And Ice-type Pokémon to catch during Pokémon GO’s holiday 2017 event

There are 20 new Pokémon in Pokémon GO as part of the immensely-popular mobile game’s holiday 2017 event. But if you want some targeted hunting when you’re out there, here are a few to pay special attention to:

Milotic/ Feebas: Milotic is one of the highest CP new additions, even if we do already have plenty of combat-capable Water-type Pokémon in the game already. Milotic may not outclass Vaporeon or Gyarados, but it’s a great addition to any Water-type Battle Party. It’s also quite striking from a visual perspective, all smooth and pink. It evolves from the fairly uninteresting Feebas, so grab those as well.

Mudkip: Mudkip isn’t new for the event, but it is a relatively new addition that’s appearing with greater frequency for the holidays. It’s one of the Gen 3 starters, but its third-tier evolution, Swampert, is probably the most useful starter Pokémon yet available in the game. Swampert comes with a potent Ground/Water typing, which manages to give it super effective damage in many situations where it’s also able to avoid some of the weaknesses that come along with either of its individual types.

Wailmer/Wailord: Wailord is sort of the like the new Gyarados. Wailmer isn’t the flashiest Pokémon, but like Magikarp it’s available in Tier 1 Raids and takes a whipping 400 candies to evolve. Once the thing evolves into Wailord it won’t be nearly as useful in combat as Gyarados, but this game isn’t just about combat. 400 candies is a lot and it’s best to take advantage of easy availability when you’ve got it. Get those Wailmer while you can if you want to fill out the Pokédex. Plus, it’s huge.

Snorunt: Snorunt isn’t going to help you out much when it comes to combat, but it’s terribly cute and does this little shivering thing. It’s also one of the only new shiny Pokémon added to the game, so a certain sort of collecting player (most players) is going to want to pay special attention to this one if they’re looking for an ultra-rare shiny. This also means that there’s a shiny Glalie available for catching or evolving.

Pichu: Getting a Santa Hat Pikachu is no problem. The game is currently lousy with them, and plenty of players will have one already. But more experienced trainers know that the costumed Pikachu is never really the real prize: what people really want is a cute little Pichu with a Santa Hat on. Those will be much harder to come by, because you’ll have to hatch them rather than catch them. But hold onto one if you manage to get it.

Bonus — Kyogre: Kyogre is not yet available, but it’s prominently featured in the event art. When it shows up it will be a capable Legendary, but there’s not real indication of when that will happen.



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