Croagunk, #453 – Toxic Mouth Pokémon

Its cheeks hold poison sacs. It tries to catch foes off guard to jab them with toxic fingers. Inflating its poison sacs, it fills the area with an odd sound and hits flinching opponents with a poison jab.

Type: Poison/Fighting

Category: Toxic Mouth

Ability: Dry Skin, which reduces HP if it’s hot and water restores HP. Or Anticipation, which senses an opposing Pokemon’s dangerous moves.

Hidden Ability: Poison Touch, which may poison a target when the Pokemon makes contact.

Weaknesses: Psychic, Flying and Ground

Resistances: Fighting, Rock, Bug, Dark, Poison and Grass

Immunity: None

Evolution: Croagunk evolves into Toxicroak starting at level 37.

Height: 2′ 04″ Weight: 50.7 lbs


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